Teambuilding is more than getting the team together and giving your people a nice day out of the office. My teambuilding activities have a strategic purpose and can be a powerful way to:


• unite a group around a common goal

• develop strengths

• address weaknesses

• help clear work objectives

• improve team communication

• eliminate stereotypes & labeling

• build interdependence & trust

create a climate of cooperation & collaboration

• improve & accelerate business decisions

• increase department productivity & creativity

• boost levels of job satisfaction and commitment

• push people out of their comfort zones

• break down barriers within teams

• and even boost profit


If you want your team to be successful, teambuilding needs to happen continuously instead of a once-a-year event. I can help you design a
plan to incorporate teambuilding exercises into your routine, making it
part of your corporate culture.


There are literally hundreds of teambuilding activities to choose from. Whether outdoors, in a hotel, club, restaurant or even at your office location, I tailor the following activities to your needs and team size:

Ice-breakers & Energizers

Audiovisual Projects

Group Dynamics

Arts: Painting, Dance, Music and Theater

Staff Development Programs

Business Simulation Games

Departmental Away Days

Company Fun Days

Creativity Boosters

Concentration Sessions

Evening Entertainment

Awards Program for Innovators

Cooking & Food Events

Treasure Hunts

Conflict and Problem Solving Activities



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