Is your organization planning to or in the process of changing how it rewards, recognizes, hires, develops, motivates and manages its workforce? Does it
provide the training, access to information and teambuilding events necessary
to stimulate new thinking? Are the right cross-functional teams together?


Innovation is a team sport. Most of us have heard that people get most done when
they work together effectively. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You can
put a lot of high-performing individuals on a team and still have performance
problems. And that's not good for anyone.


I can help you improve your team performance. Together, we give your team the
authority to make important decisions, work to resolve differences and make
compromises that are good for all. In concrete, I can help you:


• understand team dynamics

assess team members needs, preferences, and styles of work

• set clear objectives for measuring the effectiveness of your team and supply proper guidance

• recognize team members who go the extra mile

• foster collaboration and promote mutual learning

mobilize your team’s creativity

• reduce conflict, improve working relationships, morale and communication

• build a common language of innovation

• build a network of innovation champions

deal with constant change

• celebrate team members’ accomplishments with teambuilding


The process of improving team performance takes time, and it may involve
looking deeper than team processes. If required, we can evaluate reward and
recognition systems, address overall performance management, look into
workforce development or plan for a cultural transformation.


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