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You might think that the key to innovation is developing a solid strategy, attracting exceptional and diverse talent, making the right investment or breaking down organizational barriers. All of these are important, however
to ensure sustained innovation, you need a special kind of leadership.


Leaders and employees should to be taught to think like innovators and
I can help you empower them through education.


Together, we can develop a workforce learning strategy that considers your specific needs, skill gaps, budget and time. It will be a strategic plan to guide management decisions on workforce and leadership development. This learning strategy can be specific to a certain initiative, project, business or be used as a general career path for employees.


With my experience managing global training programs for thousands of employees, I can help you coordinate all training activities such as planning, skills assessment, curriculum mapping, material development, scheduling, training delivery, training communications, monitoring and reporting.


Additionally, I offer leadership development workshops as external seminars and in-house training in English, German and Spanish. These workshops can be tailored to you specific requirements:

Women Leadership Development

Happiness &
Business Success


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