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All too often we find ourselves thinking in “old boxes”, applying the same old logic just because it worked in the past. Through a whole repertoire of fun, thought-provoking and hands-on activities that supersede traditional brainstorming, I can help you not only think outside of the box but constantly find “new boxes” in which you can unleash your imagination, and refresh your business life with new problem-solving and decision making techniques.


Creativity is for everyone who needs to create a degree of change. It is a muscle, that you either use or lose!


My creativity workshops help you become creatively fit. You will boost your creativity muscle, develop the mindset and skill-sets of highly creative people, explore thinking strategies of innovators, and how you can apply these strategies to your everyday work.


Workshop activities can involve: idea clinics, creative writing, drawing, doodles, associative & design thinking, forced conflict, reverse brainstorming, mapping, prototyping and mockup, memory, collage, photography, video production, toy play, flashcards, simulation games, experiment with ideation tools, guided visualizations, dancing, storytelling, and improvisation among others. I lead the workshops alone or together with my business partner from HOW TO CREATE A UNICORN.


Anyone can be an innovator, so what is holding you back?


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