Most of us understand that creativity and innovation are essential to business success, however many innovations fail. So how do you do it?


Although innovation has no manual, managing innovation is about managing change.


I can support you in taking a strategic approach to innovation and manage the change necessary to implement it. Together, we develop a clear strategy, define a sound strategic vision, establish a proper plan, monitor and measure innovation performance, and align your organization behind one innovation agenda.


During this process of strategic development, you will have the chance to rethink your business. I can support you in generating a portfolio of business growth opportunities, creating new product categories, services or business models that change the game and generate new value for your customers, partners and organization.


Additionally, and in collaboration with you, we can identify the traps and killers to innovation in your organization, challenge your teams to look beyond their established business and mental boundaries, and prepare them to participate in a structured yet open-minded and creative process.


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