Is your organization really interested in change? Does it value creative thinking and new ideas? Does it reward people who take reasonable risks to make improvements, or people who fit in and maintain the status quo? What are some of the biggest impediments to innovation in your organization? Is top management behind innovation? Are your competitors better at innovation?


Answering these questions, you should realize that culture matters enormously and it is the motor behind innovation, productivity and profi-tability. Indeed, innovation requires a certain type of culture and like
every other part of your business, culture has to be continually managed, refreshed, and refocused.


Innovation can be a messy process of trial and errors. Missteps, dead ends and rework are inevitable, nevertheless should be accepted and encouraged. If your organization doesn’t understand and support this, it might be driving out innovation. So what can be done?


I can help you set up a plan to create an organization that is willing and
able to innovate time and again, to collaborate, learn and make integrated decisions, where employees work beyond their job description, are
empowered and encouraged to act like entrepreneurs.


Together we analyze to what extent your organizational culture may become an obstacle or a facilitator to transformation. We look at where you are
now and where you want to be, and design a roadmap to reach that state.
I help you engage your workforce to be a part of the innovation game, support you in fostering a spirit of creativity within your organization, prepare leaders and employees to take on key roles as your organization welcomes innovation as an exercise practiced by all.


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