Innovation is more than an idea. It occurs when an idea is turned into
a product, service or initiative that moves us forward. Yet how do you come up with a good idea first of all?


Some companies fall into the trap of relying only on market and customer data and lose their creativity and flexibility to innovate. Others, adopt
the wrong strategy of investing only in ideas they think are big, radical and disruptive. The result is that, completely new ways of thinking about solutions for customer problems are ignored, and small ideas that could have generated big profits get rejected.


My ideation process points you in the right direction. We seek both innovations with big “I” and also small continuous improvements that can make life better, improve your company’s products, service or productivity, and help your business grow.


I use organizational analytics prior to ideation, and help you focus on getting to know your customers, including their hopes, dreams, goals and experiences. This way you can be successful knowing and not guessing!


Additionally, I encourage you to trust in your creativity and have fun experimenting, going beyond new product development and considering transformative ideas from any function – e.g. marketing, production,
finance or distribution.


Furthermore, I guide you to move your ideas to realization. Together,
we define a framework to support the innovation process throughout your organization. We take the idea, develop a plan, manage the change that results from that initiative and execute the plan into reality.


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