Are you required to collaborate effectively across cultures? Are you trying to win clients who look and think different than you do? Do you need to manage an international team? Are you struggling in a project with non-native English speakers? Or is your English not good enough to communicate what you really think? Are you assigned to a global role?


Those who work with international teams or sell their product or services abroad recognize the power and influence of culture. Our backgrounds affect our preferences and the way we act and do things.


I can coach you to communicate successfully with people of other cultures, understanding your own culture and acknowledging who they are. With
me, you can acquire competent intercultural skills to inform, persuade, lead people and sell your products/ services globally.


On the other hand and if you are looking to transform your organization into a culturally competent one, I can guide you in bringing together knowledge about different groups of people, their behaviors and attitudes, and
transforming this into standards, policies, and practices to work effectively
in cross-cultural settings.


These are my services in this area:


Multicultural Teams

Project Management

International Negotiations

Selling Internationally

Cross-Cultural Training

Culture-Specific Knowledge

Presentations & Speeches


Working with Non-Native English Speakers

Leading Virtual Teams

Coaching for International Assignments


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