Execution is the hardest part of transformation. Most of us know that change
is hard, but why?


If we analyze why most organizational changes do not succeed, we will
realize that we, the people, are the reason. By nature, we tend to be resistant
to change. Let’s face it, it can be painful, uncomfortable and difficult.


This is how I can help you manage this challenging process. Together, we:


• Identify how change impacts on and is affected by you, your team and your organization

• develop a compelling case for change

• make change a welcomed rather than a dreaded concept

• manage people and engage their hearts and minds

• ensure that formal change methods and procedures are used

• transform your leadership culture

• empower change leaders at all levels

• promote change agents

• coordinate organizational learning

• build your team skills

• help you become a change architect within your organization


From planning to implementation, I offer practical tools, techniques
and models to effectively support any change initiative such as: changes to
products, marketing and sales, operations improvement, business
reorganization, cultural and HR transformation, technological changes,
global process/system implementations and rollouts, mergers & acquisitions,
share service centers, outsourcing, etc.


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