How are you going to prepare your organization to transform from the
current state to the future? Where do your stakeholders stand on
your company’s innovation agenda? How supportive is top management
to change initiatives? Are leaders accessible, visible and walk the talk?
To what extend should employees be informed about the change? Do you expect resistance, anger, fear?


You cannot over-communicate when you are asking your organization
to change. Change takes people out of their comfort zone and resistance can
often sabotage the best efforts to transform. I can help you use communi-
cation tactics before, during, and after a change to ensure employees remain informed, focused and engaged throughout the process.


Together, we:


• make stakeholders aware of the strategy and need for change

• maintain credibility and avoid uncertainty during times of change

• involve employees on a global, regional or local level

• promote buy-in and engagement

encourage leaders to support the change through their actions, not just their words

• encourage feedback to better understand how messages were received

• help employees change their habits

retain talented employees


My communication solutions for enabling change include:

Change Communications Strategy & Planning

Leadership Workshops

Business Case for Change

Employee Engagement

Change Risk and Issue Management

Team Coaching & Feedbacks

Stakeholder Management  & Engagement

Digital Communications & Social Media

Mergers & Acquisition Communications

Change Agents Network

Collaboration &
Communities of Practice

Go-Live & Post Go-Live Communications

Roadshows, Town Halls &
Internal Events

Training Communications

Communication for Restructuring & Downsizing

Business Storytelling

Videos, Webinars and Podcasts

Comms for Share Service Center & Outsourcing


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